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EKF tender

This is the page where you can see EKF's current tenders.

Advertisement for contract:
Country and sector level data and software for analysis and visualization

Deadline for responses is 25 March 2022 at noon CET


EKF requests a 1-year subscription for access to global coverage of quality macroeconomic and sector level data as well as accompanying easy-to-use software to access said data as well as performing statistical analysis and graphical illustrations.

EKF wants to enhance its understanding of the link between up-to-date economic data and financial and political risks – both globally and within a single country or region – in order to strengthen the integration of the macroeconomic development in its credit cover policy process.

To be able to rely on macroeconomic data and letting it have an influence on EKF’s investment decisions, it is of most importance that the data is transparent, frequently updated, and of high quality. Furthermore, is it necessary that the vendor have sufficiently historical data available as EKF will be back testing its model-frameworks, and that it covers a wide range of countries from both national and international data sources. It is also important that the data coverage is wide in terms of the number of time series for an individual country as well covering most relevant countries especially in emerging markets..

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Advertisement for contract:
Country analysis, news and data

Deadline for responses is May 4, 2022 at noon CET


EKF Danmarks Eksportkredit (“EKF”) is Denmark’s export credit agency. EKF´s objective is to facilitate Danish companies’ internationalization opportunities and to create growth and jobs in Denmark. EKF helps Danish enterprises to realize their export dreams by providing export credits, working capital guarantees and export loans to enable them to finance their activities and cover commercial and political risks in their export markets.

EKF is the only organization in Denmark that provides cover for extraordinary export risks which the private market is unable or unwilling to guarantee or provide financing to. EKF operates with a long term perspective and the risk exposure necessary in countries and markets where the political and commercial situation may be uncertain.

EKF requests a subscription for access to quality country analysis, country news and macroeconomic data. A global coverage is essential.

EKF welcomes offers that, in addition, include country risk ratings, business environment informationand access to country analysts.

Read the full tender description here.