EKF Green Accelerator: apply for seed-funding for your sustainable exports project

If you have plans for a green exports venture, but there are barriers to realising them, you can now apply for seed funding for upscaling from EKF Green Accelerator. After a successful first round, we have opened for the second round of applications. You can send us your application from 6. April through 6. May 2021.

30 million has been allocated to a green project accelerator

Upscaling and realising export projects can be costly and demanding, and investors and exporters may be hard put to finance the preliminary phases in full.

In support of prospective Danish export ventures, DKK 30 million has now been allocated to a green project accelerator under EKF. Subsidies are offered to export alliances of at least two Danish enterprises set up to promote sales of proven clean technologies to customers abroad.


In order to apply for and be eligible for start-up accelerator seed funding, your project, your application and you personally, as the applicant, must satisfy a number of requirements.

Eligible projects

The state funding is aimed at upscaling green projects. This means projects and solutions that, for example, reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, boost energy efficiency and efficient resource utilisation or which remedy food or water shortages. For details of which green projects and types of solutions are eligible for subsidies, please consult the factsheet and the application portal.

Types of seed-funding offered

Applications are primarily invited to cover the costs of consulting, advisory services and expert assistance. Services might include

  • assistance with feasibility studies
  • market research
  • legal advice
  • ESG compliance analysis
  • decision-maker awareness raising campaign
  • advice on filing for patents
  • marketing campaigns and events, etc.

Subsidies are also available to cover the costs of project management, accounting and travel. To a lesser extent hardware purchases can also be included in the budget.

Projects facilitated by the Partnering with Denmark programme

The state subsidy can be used to finance upscaling of green exports ventures in countries admitted to the Partnering with Denmark programme, which serves to open doors for Danish sectors and companies through, for example, Strategic Sector Cooperation. Projects in countries not currently Partnering with Denmark are also eligible for subsidies, but the likelihood of a successful exports venture (and hence a favourable assessment) is greater if the project is able to benefit from existing bilateral partnering arrangements.

First of several application rounds

EKF Green Accelerator was established as part of the October 2020 agreement between the Danish government and its supporting parties on 'rebooting' Danish exports. After a successful first round, we have opened for the second round of applications. You can send us your application from 6. April through 6. May 2021.

Questions to EKF Green Accelerator?

Send your question to our hotline markedsmodning@ekf.dk. Please note that all questions and the corresponding answers will be anonymized and published in an FAQ on this site.

Application portal and relevant documents