Documents required when applying for a

Supplier Credit Guarantee.

When you apply for a Supplier Credit Guarantee, you must complete a few documents and submit them to us. Here is a short guide to the various documents:

EKF's declaration on non-bribery and openness: To be completed by the exporter.

Declaration for guarantee of less than DKK 25 million: Only to be completed for transactions of less than DKK 25 million.

Application for a guarantee – exporter: The exporter must complete this application form in order to be eligible for a guarantee.

Guide to "Application for a guarantee – exporter": The guide explains what the exporter must do and when.

Declaration on openness: Only to be completed for transactions of less than DKK 5 million. The counterparty completes the document, i.e. the buyer, the borrower or the guarantor.

Here are the relevant documents

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When you are done filling out the documents attach them in an email and mail them to
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