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Shopping Lines

Open the doors to major foreign buyers

The Shopping Line concept is an export initiative giving Danish suppliers access to major foreign buyers of Danish technology and services. They can otherwise be difficult to access. For example, it could enable sub-supplies of Danish equipment for a wind farm, a shipyard or large farms and food producers abroad. Prior to arranging a Shopping Line, EKF – together with the Danish embassy and Danish trade organisations – has already ensured that the buyer has plans to invest and is interested in Danish equipment, and that the selected Danish suppliers are of relevance to the buyer. Once a Shopping Line is in place, the buyer gets a “credit card”. This means the financing is approved, giving the buyer flexibility when shopping with Danish suppliers.

What we offer

A Shopping Line can help make Danish suppliers attractive to major buyers abroad.
A Shopping Line can secure better payment terms for Danish suppliers.
A Shopping Line ensures long-term relations between foreign buyers and Danish suppliers.
With a Shopping Line, both buyers and Danish suppliers are matched according to interest.
A Shopping Line ensures competitive financing for foreign buyers when they purchase Danish technology and services.

What we require

The credit period is up to 23 months when the order is for a project that is sold on, e.g. supplies for wind turbine manufacturers, shipyards or sub-suppliers abroad.
The credit period is up to 18 years when the foreign buyer requires the supplies for its production plant, e.g. equipment for large farms, shipowners and energy companies.

How a Shopping Line works

When the foreign buyer and the Danish suppliers have concluded the deal, EKF will issue a Shopping Line. A credit check is run on the buyer in advance, and the buyer receives a “credit card”, offering the flexibility to shop with the Danish suppliers. An international bank provides financing for the relevant Shopping Line and shares the risk with EKF. This ensures a competitive financing solution for the foreign buyer.

The process

How a Shopping Line is established

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We assess the opportunities for sales to major foreign companies

    Danish embassies, Danish trade organisations such as the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and the Confederation of Danish Industry as well as international banks have their finger on the pulse and regularly see concrete investment plans from foreign companies. EKF maintains an ongoing dialogue with embassies, banks and organisations to examine the opportunities

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    We research the companies in question

    Once we have selected specific buyers abroad, they are screened by EKF and the international banks. EKF then visits the buyers together with the Danish embassy in the country in question. Among other things, we check the buyers' investment plans, their interest in Danish technology, their interest in financing from EKF and their interest in meeting Danish companies.

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    We match buyers with relevant suppliers

    When we have ascertained that the foreign buyer is interested, we invite relevant Danish suppliers to describe their products. This results in an export catalogue that we present to the foreign buyers. The buyers select the Danish companies they want to meet with.

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    We go to meet the foreign buyer

    Then you are ready to meet the buyers as part of a trade delegation. The opportunities are open, since a mutual interest has been established in advance. A trade delegation typically consists of representatives from 6–8 Danish suppliers who visit a similar number of buyers.

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    You negotiate with the foreign buyer

    Then it is up to you to negotiate specific orders with the foreign buyers. When a deal to purchase products is underway, the banks are also brought onto the scene. And when a deal is concluded, EKF and the bank perform the final credit assessment of the foreign buyer.

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    We are now ready to establish a Shopping Line

    EKF then establishes a Shopping Line. The foreign buyer receives a “credit card” and can make purchases from the Danish suppliers. The financing is in place.

    The small print for the Shopping Line

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