Operating Lease Guarantee requirements and conditions

What does an Operating Lease Guarantee cost?

You pay a premium to EKF for the guarantee. The annual premium is between 0.5 and 4.25 per cent. It is calculated based on the term of the lease agreement, your customer's credit rating and the political risk in the respective country.

  • Term: The term refers to the number of months for which the customer will lease your asset. The shorter the term, the lower the premium.

  • Your buyer's credit rating: EKF assesses your customer's credit rating, i.e. the likelihood that the customer will pay. The higher the credit rating, the lower the premium.

  • The political risk in the lessee's country: EKF assesses the risk of political unrest in your customer's country. The lower the risk of political unrest, the lower the premium.

Requirements and conditions

As an export company, you can obtain an Operating Lease Guarantee, which enables you to lease equipment to your foreign customers rather than selling it.

You must know the rules regarding VAT and leasing in the country in which your customer is established.

We run a credit rating check on your customer. If the customer is creditworthy, we can issue a guarantee.

Your foreign customer is normally required to pay at least 15 per cent of the order amount in advance.

Your product or equipment must be suitable for leasing. As a rule, leasing to foreign customers involves capital goods. EKF is therefore unable to offer the guarantee in connection with consumer products, including durables.

The term of the lease agreement between you and the customer must be more than six months.​

A prerequisite for the guarantee is that your company must help to generate economic growth in Denmark.

What does EKF cover?

If you incur a loss, EKF covers up to 90 per cent of the insured amount.

The guarantee does not cover repatriation of the asset or its residual value.

Environmental and social sustainability requirements

You must confirm in writing that the transaction complies with international standards in regard to social and environmental matters.