Documents required when applying for a Financing Guarantee.

Application for a specific Financing Guarantee must always be made through a bank. The bank handles the paperwork and submits the application through our online portal for banks. 

Although the application is run through the bank, you still have to complete a few documents.

Introduction to the documents

Five documents are relevant when applying for a Financing Guarantee. Here is a short guide to the documents:

Declaration for guarantee of less than DKK 25 million: Only to be completed for transactions of less than DKK 25 million.

EKF's declaration on non-bribery and tranparency: This document must be completed by the exporter. For certain types of guarantees, it must also be completed by the bank.

Exporter declaration tailored to Financing Guarantee: Used where EKF bears the document risk on the bills of exchange and the risk amounts to less than 5 million euro. The exporter completes the document.

Declaration of transparency: To be completed in all transactions.


Documents for the bank