Discount on EKF Guarantees for innovative companies

In cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF), EKF offers guarantees for credit and loans to innovative Danish export companies at a lower premium than usual.

The cooperation between EKF and the European Investment Fund is part of the InnovFin programme, which aims to ensure success and growth in Europe.

With InnovFin, EKF can issue guarantees for credit and loans at lower premium rates to innovative companies, since EIF covers half of the risk at a low fixed price, regardless of the company's rating.

14 eligibility criteria

The companies qualify for a guarantee under the InnovFin programme by fulfilling at least one of EIF's 14 eligibility criteria.

The criteria are stated in an exporter declaration completed by the exporter, which the bank encloses when it applies to EKF for a credit or a loan guarantee.

Find the exporter declaration here

The Capital Expenditure Guarantee is supported by the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility with financial support from the EU as part of Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments.

Companies with 500 or more employees are not eligible for the programme. EKF's other criteria for issuance of a guarantee are the same as always (click the links for Working Capital Guarantee or Capital Expenditure Guarantee to read more). 

Price example

An innovative SME with a rating of B-, which is the lowest rating EKF accepts, may be issued a guarantee with a premium of 3.7 per cent. For comparison purposes, the premium for a non-innovative SME with a rating of B- is 6.3 per cent.

The better the company's rating, the lower the discount, but savings can be obtained for companies with ratings of B-, B+, BB and BBB.

What to do

1. Talk to your bank. Companies should approach their bank as usual when they need credit or a loan in order to develop their business.
2. Complete a declaration. Companies complete an exporter declaration in which they specify which eligibility criteria they fulfil. 
3. The bank applies to EKF. The bank applies to EKF for a guarantee with an InnovFin discount, and attaches the exporter declaration.