Capital Expenditure Guarantee

Obtain credit from the bank to expand your company

Does your company have trouble keeping up with demand? Do you need to invest in new machinery and production facilities or in subsidiaries abroad in order to produce more? And does your bank want extra security before it says yes? With a Capital Expenditure Guarantee from EKF, your bank will sleep soundly at night while you get credit to expand your company.

What we offer

You can obtain credit from your bank even when it requests additional security.
You receive a loan to invest in new machinery or facilities, so you can keep up with demand.
You can use the guarantee in Denmark and for investment in foreign subsidiaries.
You can use the guarantee to lease machinery and other production facilities.
You get a discount on the guarantee if your company fulfils one of the European Investment Fund's 14 eligibility criteria.

Requirements for your business

Your company’s export turnover must make up a minimum of 20 per cent of the total turnover in your most recent financial statements.
You must own more than 50 per cent of any subsidiary throughout the term of the loan.
Your company must be creditworthy.
Your business must be conducted on an environmentally sound and socially responsible basis.
Your company must help to generate economic growth in Denmark.

How a Capital Expenditure Guarantee works 

When you are looking to grow your company, a Capital Expenditure Guarantee can secure you a loan with a bank.

Use the loan to purchase or lease new machinery and production facilities for your company in Denmark or for a subsidiary abroad.

We provide a guarantee to your bank for the capital expenditure loan, thereby providing the security your bank requires to grant you the loan.

Since we assume part of the bank's risk of loss, the bank is more willing to grant you a loan.

New brickworks triples production of the world's most expensive brick

When architects from all over the world flocked to Broager in Denmark to get hold of the world's most expensive brick, Petersen Tegl had difficulty keeping up with demand. With a Capital Expenditure Guarantee they received a loan to build a new brickworks facility, enabling them to produce three times as many of the handcrafted Kolumba bricks.

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The process

How to get a Capital Expenditure Guarantee


You want to expand production

You need to invest in new machinery and production facilities or in foreign subsidiaries to keep up with demand for your company's products.


Your bank requests additional security


The paperwork

Your bank fills out a form to rate your company, and you sign a declaration. If your company fulfils one of the European Investment Fund´s ( EIF) 14 eligibility criteria, you also complete an InnovFin declaration. The bank sends the documents to us, and we run a credit rating check on your company. If your transaction is worth more than DKK 25 million, we also perform a CSR assessment of your transaction (looking at environmental and social sustainability).

Relevant documents for the SME GuaranteeEKF guarantees innovative companies at reduced price

We send an offer

If we want to cover the transaction, we send your bank an offer. Your credit rating and premium are specified in the offer. Your bank contacts you.



You and your bank accept the offer, and your bank asks us to issue a Capital Expenditure Guarantee.


And we’re done

We issue a Capital Expenditure Guarantee and you receive your bank loan, enabling you to invest in your company's growth.

The small print and relevant documents

Chief Underwriter Per Holm Lynglund
Contact and advisor

Any questions about the Capital Expenditure Guarantee?

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