As of 1 April 2023, EKF has been merged into Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund (EIFO). The website will therefore be closed soon. Please note that some of the content of the website may be outdated. Instead, we refer to or our Customer Centre, phone no. +45 70 60 49 60.

Strengthen your own and your customer's business

You can use EKF to do business with customers that you would otherwise turn away. And there is no reason to introduce EKF only as a last resort. You can use our solutions proactively when selling to the customer.

More business transactions with more customers

You will be able to do even more business with your customers when EKF provides a guarantee against the risk. When a no turns into a yes, order books fill up

We assist you when your customer wants to obtain financing for its own activities as well as when your customer asks for help to finance orders from the foreign buyer.

In both cases, your business volume and earnings will increase while you help your customers grow – and sow the seeds for even more business.

Did you know?

We cover up to 100% of your risk when you help your customers, enabling them to offer credit to their customers abroad.
Our export credits and working capital guarantees often provide better security than pledging of more traditional collateral such as stocks and receivables. A lower level of risk may increase the willingness to say yes.
You help your customers boost their sales when foreign buyers get credit to place orders with your customers. This is not something that is offered by every bank.

Happy and more loyal customers

Rather than turning them away, you can accept orders from many of your customers if you are familiar with EKF's solutions. Finding solutions ensures happy and more loyal customers, particularly in more demanding export cases.

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