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CSR creates value for Danish exports

Awareness of environmental and social impact is fundamental to EKF's assistance to Danish companies operating in foreign countries. EKF is required to follow various international agreements relating to corporate social responsibility (CSR), but CSR also creates value for the companies. When CSR is in place, it can make your project run more smoothly. See how CSR is incorporated into EKF's assessment of export transactions.

The Process

How we work with CSR

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Our initial CSR screening

First of all, we need to get an overview of your export transaction and classify it in order to decide what should be included in the CSR assessment. We do this based on your application for financing and any further information. For export transactions that are low risk and amount to less than DKK 25 million, a declaration and a limited amount of documentation will suffice. Transactions with higher risks and transactions of more than DKK 25 million require a more in-depth CSR assessment and subsequent monitoring. Feel free to consult EKF during your design or project planning phase, as this can facilitate the process of dealing with CSR.

CSR concepts
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We gather documentation

In the next phase, we have to gather documentation about your export project and its environmental and social impact. During this due diligence phase you can provide documents about the project, such as building permits, environmental permits, environmental and social impact assessments and project descriptions. In some cases, we will also want to visit your project site to gain an idea of the conditions at the site. Some of the documents must be produced by consultants, who must be approved by EKF.

Read more about the checklist for our documentation requirements
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We recommend and make a decision

Based on our research, we produce a recommendation for EKF's management about your project's environmental and social impact. EKF's management makes the final decision on financing for the project.

Learn more about the content of the recommendation on environmental and social impact

We enter into an agreement

If EKF's management agrees to the project, EKF enters into a loan agreement with your company or your bank for financing the project. The agreement also covers CSR. Consequently, EKF will follow your project and continue to monitor developments in its environmental and social impact.

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We follow your project

EKF prepares a CSR action plan based on the agreement. This means that EKF will follow your project and monitor developments in its environmental and social impact. This applies to the entire period of the project during which EKF provides financing. As with the due diligence phase, monitoring may involve visiting the site and requirements for documentation in the form of environmental reports and so on. EKF is your partner throughout the entire project period, helping you to comply with the CSR requirements.

Learn more about the action plan

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CSR director Kristin Parello-Plesner

Do you have questions about CSR in EKF?

Then contact CSR Director Kristin Parello-Plesner on or +45 3546 2681.