EKF's management

EKF’s management are in charge of day-to-day management and strategy.
Direktør Kristine Damkjaer

Kirstine Damkjær

Chief Executive Officer

Peder Lundquist

Deputy CEO, Chief Operating Officer

Medarbejder Jan Vassard

Jan Vassard

Deputy CEO, Chief Credit & Policy Officer

Medarbejder Emil Vikjær Andresen

Emil Vikjær-Andresen

Chief Legal Officer

Peter Boeskov

Chief Commercial Officer, Global Wind & Structured Finance

Tine Lønborg

Chief Risk Officer

Thomas Hovard

Chief Commercial Officer, Corporates & Institutions

EKF's Board of Directors

Most of the members of the Board of Directors have been elected on the basis of their professional profiles and knowledge of the market in which EKF operates.
Formand for bestyrelsen Christian Frigast

Christian Frigast


Næstformand for bestyrelsen direktør Dorrit Vanglo

Dorrit Vanglo

Deputy chairman

Bestyrelsesmedlem direktør Poul Due

Poul Due Jensen

Bestyrelsesmedlem direktør Jørgen Hørholt

Jørgen Høholt

Niels Jacobsen

Emilie Turunen

Janne Bram Hemphrey

Medarbejder Anna Marie Owie

Anna Marie Owie

Employee representative

Medarbejder Morten Wernberg

Morten Wernberg

Emplyee representative

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