Information to EKF customers regarding Danmarks Investeringsfond


• The Danish government has today announced that it wants to establish Danmarks Investeringsfond (Denmark’s investment fond) - where both EKF, Vækstfonden and Danmarks Grønne Investeringsfond are included.

• The goal is to create an even stronger, more manageable and more coherent public funding system. This should be of particular benefit to SMEs, who should experience fewer entries to the system.

• A new single fund will require new legislation, and the government has announced that it is now embarking on political negotiations.

• EKF's Executive Board and Board of Directors are positive about the proposal to consolidate the state's financing efforts for the Danish sector under Danmarks Investeringsfond.

• The fund will build on the strong, existing competencies in EKF, Vækstfonden and Danmarks Grønne Investeringsfond - and will be able to give Danish companies even more effective and manageable financing from the early start-up and further out into the world.

• It is clear that it may create uncertainty among EKF customers that a new structure is now being planned. Therefore, it is also important to emphasize that while the process of a new structure is underway, it will be "business as usual" for all EKF's customers. With undiminished strength, we will finance both new and existing customers, as we have been doing for almost 100 years.

> If you as a customer have questions about your business with EKF or general questions, you are of course very welcome to ask us, and we will do our best to provide as accurate answers as possible.