Apply for seed-funding for your sustainable exports project from EKF Green Accelerator

If you have plans for a green exports venture, but there are barriers to realising them, you can now apply for seed funding for upscaling from EKF Green Accelerator. The first application round is open from 15 December until 5 February 2021.

Upscaling and realising export projects can be costly and demanding, and investors and exporters may be hard put to finance the preliminary phases in full.

In support of prospective Danish export ventures, DKK 30 million has now been allocated to a green project accelerator under EKF. Subsidies are offered to export alliances of at least two Danish enterprises set up to promote sales of proven clean technologies to customers abroad. The first of several application rounds opening today extends until 5 February 2021.

" I am pleased that we are able to launch EKF Green Accelerator as a fresh boost to exports of sustainable Danish solutions"

"Danish manufacturers of machinery and processed goods make up the hardest-hit Danish exports segment. And not surprisingly, because while Danish medicines are indispensable, foreign buyers can more easily defer investment in machinery and manufacturing equipment when the outlook is uncertain. In that constrained market, the competition to win orders is even more rife, which steps up the need to address barriers among users, buyers and public authorities. I am therefore pleased that we are able to launch EKF Green Accelerator as a fresh boost to exports of sustainable Danish solutions," explains Jørn Fredsgaard Sørensen, Director, Country, Bank & Sector Risk, EKF.

Types of seed-funding offered

Applications are primarily invited to cover the costs of consulting, advisory services and expert assistance. Services might include

  • assistance with feasibility studies
  • market research
  • legal advice
  • ESG compliance analysis
  • decision-maker awareness raising campaign
  • advice on filing for patents
  • marketing campaigns and events, etc.

Subsidies are also available to cover the costs of project management, accounting and travel. To a lesser extent hardware purchases can also be included in the budget.

Eligible projects

The state funding is aimed at upscaling green projects. This means projects and solutions that, for example, reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, boost energy efficiency and efficient resource utilisation or which remedy food or water shortages.

Apply for seed-funding

You can read more about the criteria for support on the links below. 

Projects facilitated by the Partnering with Denmark programme

The state subsidy can be used to finance upscaling of green exports ventures in countries admitted to the Partnering with Denmark programme, which serves to open doors for Danish sectors and companies through, for example, Strategic Sector Cooperation. Projects in countries not currently Partnering with Denmark are also eligible for subsidies, but the likelihood of a successful exports venture (and hence a favourable assessment) is greater if the project is able to benefit from existing bilateral partnering arrangements.

Subsidies granted in accordance with the EU state aid de minimis rules

The de minimis rules allow each participating enterprise to benefit from up to EUR 200,000 in state aid on condition that the enterprise has not used up its de minimis allowance by receiving other state financing. To ensure ownership of the project, the enterprises are required to self-finance 20% of their budget. The subsidy is disbursed as a reimbursement of costs defrayed at the end of the project activities.

First of several application rounds

EKF Green Accelerator was established as part of the October 2020 agreement between the Danish government and its supporting parties on 'rebooting' Danish exports. The first application round extends from 15 December 2020 until 5 February 2021. Further application rounds will be conducted over the course of 2021.

Further information

Questions regarding EKF Green Accelerator
Jørn Fredsgaard Sørensen, Director, Country, Bank & Sector Risk
M: +45 20 18 39 69

Press enquiries
Heidi Birgitte Nielsen, Head of External Communication
M: +45 27 20 41 74

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