New highly experienced profiles join EKF to boost results for green transition and Danish export companies

EKF welcomes two experienced profiles to boost exports of Danish wind technology and support large corporates with regard to export and internationalisation.

On September 1, EKF Denmark's Export Credit Agency welcomes two highly experienced profiles from the financial sector to develop services to customers.

Peter Boeskov returns to Denmark after a long career in London to be Managing Director, Global Wind & Structured Finance, where he will be in charge of many key transactions with Danish wind exporters. Wind represents a large portion of EKF's business, and EKF manages DKK 14 billion of the DKK 25 billion in Denmark’s newly created Green Future Fund, which has further strengthened EKF's position in this area.

"Denmark's positive global export footprint is highly evident in the area of wind turbines and related expertise, and EKF aims to play an even more central role in Danish provision of green energy going forward," emphasises Peter Boeskov.

"I'm excited to work in the dynamic intersection of increased exports, renewable energy transition and product and concept development. Starting immediately, I will be involved in developing EKF's services, thus enabling us to be more widely involved in e.g. the capital structure of individual export companies and investment projects. This will serve to further promote Danish exports and employment in a sustainable manner".

Peter Boeskov was most recently a partner and consultant with the advisory group The Principal Alliance and the corporate finance advisor Richmond Park Partners, where he worked with complex international transactions and provided advice on acquisitions, financing, etc. He has also worked at HSBC, Barclays and the private equity house Procuritas.

Experienced Managing Director, Corporates & Institutions

Another equally experienced profile will join EKF to develop services for large customers and pension funds as Managing Director, Corporates & Institutions. Thomas Hovard most recently served as COO of Global Distribution and Client Services at Saxo Bank and has extensive experience of sales, analysis, regulation, capital markets and strategy. He also served a long tenure with Danske Bank where he held many senior positions, for example in Corporates & Institutions.

I'm confident that they will help us to continue the positive development that EKF has been experiencing and contribute to strengthening Danish export

Due to increasing market complexity, EKF sees a growing need for risk coverage, and believes that the ability to offer customers credit has become a critical competitive factor for Danish exporters.

"Danish exporters must navigate in an increasingly complex global market with factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, trade wars and sanctions, combined with globalisation and the increasing internationalisation of Danish companies. This results in a growing need for risk coverage, financing and advisory services, and I very much look forward to developing this area. I'm also delighted to contribute to maintaining and strengthening collaboration with the pension sector," says Thomas Hovard.

EKF's CEO Kirstine Damkjær looks forward to working with Thomas Hovard and Peter Boeskov.

"I'm extremely pleased to have succeeded in attracting people with such strong profiles. I'm confident that they will help us to continue the positive development that EKF has been experiencing and contribute to strengthening Danish export."

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