EKF signs agreement with Japan

EKF just signed a One-Stop-Shop reinsurance agreement with NEXI the export credit agency of Japan.

The agreement enables NEXI and EKF to cooperate in the form of reinsurance and provide more comprehensive support to exports by Danish and Japanese companies. While this agreement can be widely applied to all ECA financing in which NEXI or EKF will be involved, a specific decision on whether to apply the agreement depends on each individual case.

EKF has financed more wind parks than any other ECA in the world and NEXI is increasingly focusing on supporting projects related to renewable energy and those that will adopt new technologies which contribute to ​global environmental protection, through various measures such as the launch of a new product called Loan Insurance for Green Innovation. In these cir-cumstances, building cooperation between EKF and NEXI is in line with a global trend which aims to build a sustainable society by balancing economic growth and environmental protection.

Additionally, as EKF is engaged in financing several mid- and long-term projects in Africa, the cooperation between NEXI and EKF is expected to even grow in projects involving Japanese companies.

In the future both EKF and NEXI will support industrial cooperation between Japan and Denmark through export credit by proactively utilizing the One-Stop-Shop reinsurance scheme in a wide range of fields based on the reinsurance agreement.