Billede af hjemmesidens forside

EKF has a new look and a new website

Our website and our old look had become slightly dated and out of shape. It was starting to feel a little like wearing a flowery shirt with a big collar and carrying a Nokia 3210. So we’ve retired both of them and built a completely new website, decorated in attractive new colours. Our aim is to make things simpler, clearer and easier for you. Get a little taste of what we've done here.

The new

It is now easier to find what you need

Previously, you sometimes had to look for a long time and click several times to find the things you needed. Now you can find links to almost everything right on the homepage or from the top menu.

Find inspiration fast

Simply answer two questions on the homepage to get our suggestions as to the content on our website most relevant for you.

We start with your needs

You can choose from various situations that organisations with international ambitions often find themselves in. Choose the situation that fits you and see how we can help.

It's simpler and more visual

Export credit can be complicated, but our aim is to make it as easy, responsive and visual as we can. So enjoy all the videos, animations, images and infographics that make it easier to see what everything means.

Bonus information

For web geeks: The site has been built in Umbraco with invaluable assistance from Isobar.

Our new look

Illustration af forretningsejere i blå og rød farve

We have a new colour palette

No more purple, green and light blue. From now on, EKF will appear in red and blue – the colours of Denmark and the financial sector.

logo alt text

We've refreshed our logo

The old logo has outgrown its chrysalis and unfurled into a new, attractive, encircled red version.

We've filled up on graphic elements

We have made our infographics more colourful, added a new font to create clear headings, and produced new icons and illustrations in our own distinctive style. So you will always recognise us when we wake you up at three in the morning.

Illustration af landskab i blå og rød farve

Bonus information

For design geeks: Kontrapunkt has done outstanding work in challenging us, drawing the outlines and hunting for the right colour palette.

See more of their EKF-work here