We work to ensure the best terms for Danish exports

EKF represents Denmark in several international forums to ensure fair and equal terms for Danish exporters in competition with export companies in other countries.
We therefore work on behalf of Denmark to set common international rules regarding export credit and trade policy.

We work to ensure that international trade is effected on fair and equal terms, so that exporters can concentrate on competing based on the quality and price of their products. EKF also works on issues of Danish interest and focuses particularly on areas in which Danish businesses are in a strong position such as green technology.

Through this international cooperation, we expand our expertise, strengthen our networks and gain inspiration for new guarantee products that may benefit Danish export companies.

We create global partnerships

EKF has also signed a number of memorandums of understanding and reinsurance agreements with export credit companies in other countries.

See a list here

Thought leadership

Together with other dedicated experts in the field of export credits, EKF participates in the development of new ideas and improvement of practices in international cross-border financing in order to contribute with inspiration and innovation at European, OECD and global levels.

Convergence of Development Finance and Export Finance

Trade and development are interlinked, and this is becoming even more evident in a changing world. At EKF’s initiative, Offenburg University has prepared a study sponsored by EKF and a number of other ECAs.

The study on Convergence of Development Finance and Export Finance provides an overview of the different policy intervention frameworks behind the three different types of official finance institutions (DFIs, MDBs and ECAs). It also takes a deep dive into a number of selected institutions and assesses motivations and drivers for DFI, MDB and ECA strategies and involvement in transactions – both from a theoretical point of view as well as from a practical point via in-depth case studies of real-life transactions.

See the study here

We strengthen Danish exports through cooperation in:

OECD. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
EU. The European Union.
Paris Club. International cooperation on agreements with debtor countries.
The Berne Union. EKF is a member of the international association for public and private credit insurers.
International Working Group. Works on establishing global export credit rules.
Danish ministries.